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paulo leminski

Machines I have seen, incredible! The Ustator Mirror, the Eolipila of Athanasius Kirchner. In the light of candles a cone can capture, inciding over a circle of glass, with drawings in the manner of the zoodiac, an array of light beams that projects images on a white wall. Father Athanasius moves a steel wheel to give life to the movement. Souls wave frenetic arms among the flames of hell or the elected ones gravitate around the Almighty? – A magic lantern into Plato’s cave. What to say about that engine built by Pascal, to which a simple mention brings wonder and amusement to the people of all ages. Bizzarre times the ones we live, in which a tiny music box can make the reckonings of the human reason! The clock built by Lanfranco Fontana stands amidst ther maximum dedalus of the intelects of the era. Not satisfyed in counting the hours, it indicates the movements of the planets and fortells eclipses! I’ve seeked them with the obstinacy of the magnetic needle that points the north. Of many I will silence not to alarm people about these I fear one day will surround us. Considering these fans on the ceiling and this body as a machine, Leonardo, that sharp engineer and acute thinker, hasn’t he developed a moving metal doll in the manner of humans? One day will come when we should render homage to a machine god! – God, a single piece machine. Which is the ultimate motivation of this twisted architectures? To Produce bewilderment, wonder, or laughter?

P. Leminski – Catatau, pg 72

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