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Ruben Izquierdo brings out his thoughts about music in L.A.


“around the day in 80 worlds” – images from the coast of Paraná (Paranaguá) and the pALm tree in Brazil

Inspired in the work of Julio Cortázar
Shooting and editing by Marcio Abreu, music and piano by Octavio Camargo
Cast: Christiane de Macedo and Maureen Miranda
(CuritibLA – 2002)

LA and the pALm tree – heraldry intervention for samecity by Hillary Mushkin

Rehearsal with Octavio Camargo & Same city band

Video by Rafael Paz Parra

Los Angeles Speaks

video interview by Rafael Paz Parra

The After-Lecture…

After Octavio’s lecture on site specificity, several of us, including from the original workshop, went out for a great Italian dinner. There was much excited discussion of the many projects we are all a part of!



Except for Octavio, those are all lollipops, not cigarettes



Chico Mello – Visiting artist from Curitiba at Vila Aurora, LA – CA, 1st April to June 30th, 2011

Destino das Oito/Fate at Eight/Schicksal um acht – Chico Mello

Whatch the complete version of Chico Mello`s opera at:

It was a good luck that the festival MaerzMusic had two promising focal points – the human voice and the Brazilian music. Especially in Brazil the experimental and most involved musicians often are getting in touch with popular music. Chico Mello lives in Brazil and in Germany. He created his own style of music theatre. Here he is combining the for the Brazilians very important form of TV soap opera, the „Telenovela“, with Bossa Nova. The result he’s calling TELEBOSSA. His piece, with the title „Destino das Oito/ Fate at Eight“, was first performed in a marvelous light and ironic-imaginative production by Christina Tappe at the Berlin festival MaerzMusik.
The dramatic basis gave the British author Caryl Churchill. On the other side Chico Mello discovered with his own son how important repetitions are for narrating stories.
For this reason Mello was able to reflect in a light and ironic way the stupid and at the same time abysmal rituals of every day rituals, constantly served by TV soap operas.
Musically Mello connected the cool sensuality of Bossa Nova. He permitted the singers and musicians just to use certain notes and rhythms. The result was a sound on the golden mean in-between Alban Berg and Joao Gilberto. Rarely contemporary music theatre as Chico Mellos DESTINO DAS OITO – without falling in cynicism – offers so much ground for laughing and reflection.

Volker Michael, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Berlin